Find free local airsoft battles around San Diego, California.
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 AirSoft Battles

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PostSubject: AirSoft Battles   Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:46 pm

The Battles section of the forum is open to everyone and anyone is welcome to join us at any battles that we host. Any body is welcome to start up a new weekly battle in any location in this section of the forum.

When choosing a location, please keep a few things in mind:

> It should be a place that people don't mind us running around shooting.
If you've got a huge back yard or know of an abandoned property worth checking out, it will do fine.

> It should be a place nobody will mind having a bunch of left over BBs all over the place.
For the time being let's keep out of the forests. AirSoft Guru will have bio-degradable 'green' BBs available
soon so it'll open up our location options a little.

> It should be a place we won’t hit anybody that's not playing.
That's a given. No accidental non-combatant shootings please.


1. All hosted battles are FREE.

2. Everybody wears eye goggles during games or when observing games.

3. Play begins when openly declared "Begin" and ends when declared "Game over."
Eye goggles stay on the entire duration of the game. Feel free to take them off in between games. Please no shooting when not in a game.

4. All guns used in games have to have their orange tips.
This rule won't apply when playing in AirSoft parks. When however playing in any location not specifically sanctioned for the purpose by official channels, let's keep our games legal and therefore continuing.

5. If you are shot, you are out.
Regardless of where on your body you are hit. Call out "Hit" and stand up with your gun up over your head and walk off the playing field. You'll be brought back to life for the next game. A hit to the gun does not count and you can continue play. There is no shooting at hit combatants walking off the field. Be honest please. It will be more fun for everybody.

6. There are no muzzle velocity FPS or gun power limitations at this time.
Later we'll organize different classes of play that certain limits such as these apply to. For the time being, rock on.

7. There are no limitations on the type of equipment you use.
As long as your not bringing actual explosives, pretty much anything goes. Hand granades, land mines, automated sentry guns, a tank if you can afford it, whatever.

8. Special requirement for minors.
Anybody under 16 should bring a letter from their parents giving permission to participate including their parent's signature and phone number.

9. You play at your own risk.

Some battle locations may have their own special rules which will show up in orange among the standard rules in white that will be posted at the heading of all open battle posts.

That being said, feel free to join in on one of our battles or start a new post with a new location.
Have fun.
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PostSubject: Re: AirSoft Battles   Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:51 pm

A few types of battles and their objectives.

If you would like to add a scenario to this list, post a reply in Types of Games.

Team Elimination
Two or more teams battle it out until all but one of the teams has been completely eliminated.

Capture The Flag
A scenario where the objective is to sneak into enemy territory and return with something they're guarding while at the same time guarding your own object in your own territory.

Steal The Bacon
An object will be placed in neutral territory. The objective is to take that object back to your own base before the enemy team takes it to theirs.

Each side will start out with a fort to protect. The object is to have a member of your own team inside of the enemy fort while there are no un-eliminated members of the enemy team inside of it.

King of The Hill
An area in neutral territory will be marked off as "The Hill". The objective is to have a member of your own team inside of the marked off area for a certain duration of time, example: 30 seconds. The time stops if an enemy team member is inside of the hill with you. Time resets if you step out of the hill with no team members remaining inside. The time will be kept by a third party time keeper.

The King
Each team will have one of their members chosen as 'The King.' The object is to assassinate the enemy king.

Players are divided into two teams: Survivors and Zombies. The zombies team uses no weapons and can only be eliminated with a headshot. If a survivor is touched by a zombie, he turns into a zombie. The survivors are allowed to use single shot weapons and .12g ammunition only.

Armor Wars
You are allowed to use plastic "impenetrable" armor in whichever way you choose. If you are hit through or between your armor, you are out.

Combatants are not eliminated by being hit, but can only be eliminated by surrendering. This scenario is played with nothing more than a tank top to cover the torso.
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AirSoft Battles
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